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This week’s roundup is food-heavy, probably because I’ve been ravenously eating everything in sight. Am I pregnant? Probably not, but it would be a good excuse to keep up this gluttony.

Here are a few recent posts that I found to be inspiring:

*Getting toddlers to eat something, anything is really frustrating. I’m going to try this ‘toddler buffet’ approach soon.

* And if that doesn’t work, I’m pulling out the big guns. I’ll try serving Lilly using this.

*I wish someone would make me one of these killer grilled cheese sandwiches.

* A thoughtful post about how being content can save you $$$.

*Anybody else craving bacon?

* If you complain more than you should (or lose your temper, or anything else that has been weighing on your heart), you might like to read this. #guilty 

I also write about cool eco*friendly stuff for babies. Here’s what I found this week:

* Repurposed octopus baby blankets - you read that right.

* Organic soft sole baby shoes using the modern prints. (i.e Camping!)

*The cutest organic cotton & wood teething toy.

What about you? Did you find anything cool this week?


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